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9:00 – 20:00 Event office is open – accreditation, Event centre
12:00 Deadline for team changes and late entries, Event Office
13:00 – 18:00 Model event, Mežoles iela, Smiltene
15:00 Competition entry deadline - sprint distance, IOF Eventor
18:00 Team officials‘ meeting - sprint, Kalnamuiža 44, Smiltene
1. Fabiano Bettega Italy
2. Jonas Maiselis Lithuania
3. Andre Haga Finland

1. Noah Rieder Switzerland
2. Albin Demaret Joly France
3. Flurin Schnyder Switzerland

1. Nikoline Splittorff Denmark
2. Gabriele Andrasiuniene Lithuania
3. Ruska Saarela Finland

1. Jana Hnilica Austria
2. Tilda Palm Sweden
3. Celine Wellenreiter Switzerland

09:00 – 18:00 Event office is open – accreditation, Event Office
13:50 Quarantine entry closes Event centre, Quarantine area
14:00 First start WCup sprint , Arena
~15:40 Flower ceremony, Arena
15:30 Competition entry deadline - long distance, IOF Eventor
15:30 First start Public race (WMS, YGS, Open), Arena
18:00 Team officials’ meeting - long distance, Kalnamuiža 44, Smiltene
19:00 Opening and prize-giving ceremony, Smiltene
Arena: 57.43079533686751, 25.92247851985688 [ google maps ]
1. Andre Haga Finland
2. Andreas Waldmann Austria
3. Jussi Laurila Finland

1. Noah Rieder Switzerland
2. Armel Berthaud France
3. Sander Pritsik Estonia

1. Gabriele Andrasiuniene Lithuania
2. Nikoline Splittorff Denmark
3. Caecilie Christoffersen Denmark

1. Iris Aurora Pecorari Italy
2. Rozalie Kucharova Czech Republic
3. Tilda Palm Sweden

08:00 – 19:00 Event office is open, Event Office
10:00 Quarantine entry closes, Event centre, Quarantine area
10:00 First start WCup long distance, Arena
~15:40 Prize-giving ceremony, Arena
15:00 First start Public race (WMS, YGS, Open), Arena
15:30 Competition entry deadline – mixed relay, IOF Eventor
18:00 Team officials’ meeting – mixed relay, Kalnamuiža 44, Smiltene
19:00 Reception at Smiltene municipality for team leaders (Dārza street 2)
Arena: 57.43079533686751, 25.92247851985688 [ google maps ]
MIX relay
1. Lithuania Lithuania
2. Italy Italy
3. Finland Finland

08:00 – 15:00 Event office is open, Event Office
09:50 Quarantine entry closes, Event centre, Quarantine area
10:00 Mass start mixed relay, Arena
12:30 First start Public race (WMS, YGS, Open), Arena
13:00 Prize-giving ceremony and closing ceremony, Arena
14:30 Prize-giving ceremony Public race, Arena
Arena: 57.43079533686751, 25.92247851985688 [ google maps ]

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Welcome to Smiltene municipality!

Smiltene county is an active and energetic place. A place to live, work, build a family, study, play active sports and relax, nurture cultural traditions and develop business. Municipality was created on 1st of July, 2021, by merging the former counties of Smiltene, Ape and Rauna. It borders Valka, Valmiera, Cēsis, Alūksne, Gulbene counties and neighboring country Estonia. The total area of the county is 1800.55 square kilometers, and the population is approximately 18.8 thousand inhabitants.

Smiltene is an economically active and energetically vibrant county. Both internationally and regionally recognized merchants, as well as family businesses and home manufacturers find their place here. We value existing and support new entrepreneurs, we respect skilled workers in any industry. More than 1,000 companies are actively operating in the county, the most represented economical sectors are agriculture, forestry, woodworking, the service sector, road construction and food production, but the largest income for the county is brought directly by trade and logging.

We provide versatile educational opportunities for children and young people from pre-school to secondary and vocational. It is provided by 20 educational institutions as close as possible to the place of residence. People have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills throughout their life, the "Senior Academy" classes, as well as continuing education courses for adults, have gained the awareness and responsiveness of the population.

Cultural traditions in the Smiltene region are honored with folk dance, choirs, playing musical instruments, theater arts and crafts. Here, people of any age can discover and develop their talents in amateur art collectives - there are 65 of them in total, and more than 600 participants are involved. The active participation of citizens in amateur art strengthens Latvian identity and the preservation of Song and Dance festival traditions. We can also be proud of well-known and beloved musical groups and artists of other genres in Latvia.

The region is rich in natural and cultural-historical heritage, which gives an opportunity to diversify the tourism offer. The terrain, forests, parks, nature trails and attractions allow everyone to actively relax, engage in health-enhancing sports and physical training activities in nature. In the forests of the Smiltene district, there are marked cycle paths, well-equipped recreation areas near the lakes Niedrājs, Spicieris, Lizdoles and Bilskas, while Salainis attracts attention with its special shape of the map of Latvia. Families can enjoy a leisurely rest in nature on the castle hill of Cērtenes, near Rauna Staburags and on the Vaidava nature trail, but explore the cultural and historical heritage, for example, in the territory of Kalnamuiža, in Rauna park and Medieval castle ruins, in the historical center of Ape, in Gaujiena Manor park, in Zvārtava castle and in Smiltene local history museum in Mēri manor.

The business card of the county is sport. Recognizable traditions have been created in cycling, motor sports, football, orienteering sports, athletics, provided by the Children and Youth Sports School of Smiltene, active sports associations and clubs. We have various levels of sports infrastructure; we organize national and international level competitions and championships every year. Also, the existing infrastructure serves both as a training base for regional athletes, preparing for professional competitions, and for local residents to ensure a physically active and healthy lifestyle. We should mention our important Smiltene multifunctional sports complex "Teperis", where everyone can enjoy an illuminated stadium and a football field with spectator stands, tennis courts, go-karting trace, autocross and cross-country skiing tracks, beach volleyball courts and an outdoor hockey field in winter. Sports infrastructure is also developed in the parishes - there are gyms and outdoor courts, outdoor trainers, active recreation trails, moto and BMX tracks.

We are honored that in 2024 the stage of the MTB Orienteering World Cup will be held in Smiltene and its surroundings, as cycling and orienteering competitions are very popular with our residents.

Welcome to Smiltene county!
Come and enjoy the nature, sports and cultural wealth of Smiltene region and the hospitality of our people! May every participant of the competition be able to achieve sports challenges that are set and goals!

Edgars Avotiņš
The chairman of the municipal council of Smiltene region