CX80 MTB Orienteering World Cup, Round 2 .
U23 World MTB Orienteering Championships.


1.1. Organisers

Latvian Orienteering Federation

1.2. Organising team

Latvian Orienteering Federation in co-operation with the Municipality of Smiltene
Event Directors: Gunārs Ikaunieks (competition, arena),
  Ildze Straume (event centre, Fin&Adm, marketing, accommodation, media, ceremonies)
Event Secretary : Inese Purgaile
Course planner:    Mārtiņš Lasmanis

1.3.Event advising / event control

IOF Senior Event Adviser:       Sixten Sild, Estonia
National Controller:                Guntars Mankus, Latvia

1.4.Information and contact

Latvian Orienteering Federation
Grostonas iela 6b, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvia
Inese Purgaile, phone: +371 29751855, e-mail: info@mtbo-wcup.lv
Web: https://mtbo-wcup.lv
Media contact
The MTBO World Cup and U23 World MTBO Chapionships are organised under the authority of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) www.orienteering.sport.


2.1. General map of the region

2.2. Event centre (EC)

Information about the EC
  • The EC will be located in Smiltene, at the sports complex Teperis.
  • Address: Kalnamuiža, Smiltene, LV-4729
How to get there
The EC is located some 2 km from Smiltene center
  Distance by car Time by public transport
Riga International Airport 150 km – 140 minutes 3,5 hours by bus


3.1. Visa requirements

You do not need a visa if you come from EU or Schengen area country.
Other international travellers may be required to hold a Latvian visa prior to travel to Latvia, depending on your country of residence. For more information, please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia. If you require further assistance, please send an email to info@mtbo-wcup.lv.


The competition centres/finish arenas are all next to the Event Centre and can be reached by bike/on foot. The organisers do not offer any transport from the EC to the competitions.
Organisers will offer a transfer bus from Riga to Smiltene and back if there will be demand. If you are interested, please let us know by sending request to info@mtbo-wcup.lv as soon as possible but latest by May 15.


The embargoed areas are published in IOF Eventor: Embargoed Areas for MTBO World Cup round 2, Smiltene, Latvia (orienteering.org)


Dates and types of competitions
    WCup, U23 World Championships World Master Series, Young Guns World Series, Open
Thu July 4 Arrival, Model event Model event
Fri July 5 Sprint
Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony
Sat July 6 Long Long
Sun July 7 Mixed Relay       
Closing, departure
Closing, departure


The most recent versions of previous orienteering maps of the competition terrains are accessible on the organiser’s website www.mtbo-wcup.lv.
All maps will be made according to the IOF International Specification for MTB Orienteering Maps ISMTBOM 2022 (see https://orienteering.sport/iof/mapping).
Scale / vertical contour intervals
Description of terrain
1:5000 / 5 m
Area - urban area and park.
Track network- high density of very fast tracks in the park.
Landforms - in urban part relatively flat, a valley of a small river in the park territory, some steep slopes (up to 25 meters) and stairs.
1:15 000 / 2,5 m
Area - forest.
Track network - medium to dense network of tracks and paths with all kind of rideability.
Landforms - generally sand based dunes with some steep slopes (up to 35 meters). Not as high and intensive in some areas.
Visibility - generally transparent pine forest, but there are a lot of areas (overgrown clearings) with very poor visibility
1:10 000 / 2,5 m
Area - mostly forest.
Track network - medium to dense network of tracks and paths with all kind of rideability.
Landforms - generally sand based dunes with some steep slopes (up to 35 meters). Not as high and intensive in some areas.
Visibility - generally transparent pine forest, but there are a lot of areas (overgrown clearings) with very poor visibility


  • In thie World Cup there is one class for women (called Women) and one for men (called Men). There are no age restrictions.
  • In the U23 World MTBO Championships there is one class for women (called Women U23) and one for men (called Men U23)
  • All competitors must be citizens of the country of the federation they are representing.
  • Competitors participate at their own risk. Third party insurance and personal injury insurance is compulsory and is the responsibility of the competitors’ federation or themselves.
  • All competitors represent a federation. Each federation may enter up to 6 women and 6 men for all individual competitions plus the current World Champions for the distance. Additionally, each federation may enter up to a further 2 women and 2 men, who qualify for the Women U23 and Men U23 classes respectively, in each individual competition. Only competitors who are entitled to compete in the U23 classes may be entered there.
  • The additional U23 competitors are entered for the classes Women or Men. The entry procedure is the same as for Women and Men.
  • All competitors entered in Women or Men who are aged 23 or younger will automatically also be ranked in Women U23 or Men U23.
  • In 2024 the titles of Women U23 World Champion and Men U23 World Champion are awarded in Sprint and Long distance.
  • In the Mixed Relay, each federation may enter a maximum of 4 teams of 3 riders. Each team must include at least one woman.  Incomplete teams and teams with cyclists from more than one Federation are not allowed. Under no circumstances may persons other than entered competitors participate in the competition.
  • Each competitor must have a valid IOF Athlete Licence.


9.1. Entry procedure

  • Entries for the second World Cup round and U23 World MTBO Championships are made in IOF Eventor.
IOF Eventor - Event information: World Cup Round 2 in MTB Orienteering and U23 World MTB Orienteering Championships 2024
  • Entries will open on 01.11.2023.
  • Participants may only be entered by their federations.

9.2. Entry deadlines

Team size deadline = 15.05.2024
Entries must be submitted no later than 15.05.2024 with the following information:
  • total number of competitors of each gender
  • number of relay teams
  • number of team officials
  • team manager’s name, email address and phone number
Team names deadline = 30.06.2024
No later than 30.06.2024 the following information must be submitted:
  • each competitor’s name, year of birth, gender resp. class, and the competition/s in which he/she will compete
  • each competitor’s number of the electronic punching card (if competitors want to use their own card)
  • names of all team officials
Late entries and name changes
Late entries and changes will be accepted but an additional fee will be charged.
After 3.07.2024 no entries will be accepted.

9.3. Entry for World Master Series, Young Guns World Series and Open classes

  • Entries will open on January 1, 2024 in www.mtbo-wcup.lv.  
  • Please submit the following information:
  • family name and first name
  • year of birth
  • class
  • number of your electronic punching card (if you want to use your own card)
  • federation and club (optional)


10.1. Participation fees

All fees are in Euros and – with the exception of the Relay – per person.
Sprint 60 20
Middle - 20
Long 60 20
Relay (per team) 180  
Accreditation for athletes (incl. Model event) 100  
Accreditation for team officials 90  
Model event   10
All 3 competitions in WMGS/YGS/Open   50

10.2. Late entries and changes

Entries after the deadlines will be accepted. For late entries and changes an additional fee will be charged:
  • surcharge of 20 % for entries after the team size deadline
  • surcharge of 50 % for entries after the team names deadline
  • fee of 10 € for name changes after June 30, 2024

10.3. Payment

Deadline for payment
  • Full payment of all entry and accreditation fees must be made no later than May 25, 2024.
  • Late payments will be subject to an additional fee of 10 % of the total amount.

10.4. Cancellation of the event

If the event has to be cancelled after May 15, 2024, the organiser will retain (or charge) 20 € per participant (competitor or team official) in order to partly cover committed costs.

10.5. Withdrawals and refunds

  • Refund of 80 % for withdrawals after the team size deadline of May 15
  • Refund of 50 % for withdrawals after the team names deadline of June 30


The official accommodation will be within walking distance from the Event Centre, both hotel and hostel type rooms.

11.1. How to book accommodation

Please send your accommodation needs to accommodation@mtbo-wcup.lv In some categories the offer is very limited (both number of rooms/beds and time limit for booking). To ensure you get the preferred type of accommodation, please book early!
Latest date for reservation of official accommodation is June 10.

11.2. Types and cost of accommodation and food

Accommodation is offered in several categories, with A being a good quality hotel/guest house and D being the simplest, a hostel with self service. All prices are per person, per night, including VAT. Accommodation should be booked by sending an e-mail to accommodation@mtbo-wcup.lv till June 10.
  A B C D
single room 65 € 60 €    
twin room 50 € 45 €    
2, 3 or 4-bed rooms,
shared shower and WC (one per 2 rooms)
    35 €  
bed (self-service catering available,
shared shower and WC)
      15 €
halfboard included included included -
Half board – breakfast and dinner – is included in the accommodation price (except for category D).
Lunch can be ordered and will be available in in the competition center on Saturday and Sunday. Price – 10 €. You can book it together with accommodation or order separetely till July 1.


12.1. Information about rules

The second round of the CX80 MTBO World Cup and the U23 WMTBOC will be organised in accordance with the following rules valid at the time of the event:
  • IOF MTBO Competition Rules
  • Special Rules MTBO World Cup
All the rules can be found at https://orienteering.sport/mtbo/competition-rules.  
Further general MTBO rules:
  • Competitors must get to all control points with their bikes.
  • The bicycle must be with the competitor at all times.
  • Wearing a rigid safety helmet is compulsory during competitions and training sessions.
  • Riding outside the mapped area during the competition is not allowed.
  • In Latvia one drives on the right side of the road. Competitors must therefore ride on the right side on all roads and tracks.
  • National traffic rules must be followed.

12.2. Information about off-track riding

Off-track riding is allowed.

12.3. Controls not situated on paths

In the Sprint there may be off-track controls in rideable open areas. They will be set so as not to require control descriptions.

12.4. Anti-Doping

Doping is strictly forbidden and the organisers of World Cup MTBO are dedicated to supporting the anti-doping authorities in their work. Doping tests are always carried out in accordance with the procedures described in the WADA International Standard for Testing. The IOF Anti-Doping Rules and the World Anti-Doping Code apply. Athletes who are selected for the doping tests must bring an official identification (with photo) to the doping test area. The athlete should also bring along their therapeutic use exemption (TUE) if applicable. In general, it is advisable that the athletes bring along their ID to all the competitions and events.
For more information and anti-doping documents, please consult:


13.1. Punching system

SPORTident Air+ (system for contactless punching with SI Active Cards SIAC) with a working range of 150 – 180 cm will be used. Competitors may use their own SIAC as a backup card. Organisers will supply each competitor with 1 SIAC card which will be used as the primary punching card.

13.2. Winning times

Winning times in minutes (according to the IOF MTBO Competition Rules)
Format (distance) Men/Women
Sprint 20 – 25
Long 105 – 115
Relay: average for each leg
            total winning time
40 – 45
120 – 135


  • Information about available trainings will be on www.mtbo-wcup.lv
  • The organisers are happy to provide maps and help organise trainings upon request. Please send your request to info@mtbo-wcup.lv.


15.1. Parallel events

Each day after the World Cup event the WMS MTBO, YGWS MTBO and Open competitions will be offered.

15.2. Climate and hazards

  • Situated in north-eastern Europe with a coastline along the Baltic Sea, Latvia features a temperate climate, with average temperature in July being +18 degrees.
Description of any hazards
  • Wild animals like deer, wild boars etc. might be present in the forests of competition areas.
  • Wild bees/wasps can possibly be encountered in the competition areas.
  • Ticks are commonly found in Latvia. They can spread Lyme disease or borreliosis, and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). Competitors are asked to protect themselves and to check for ticks after every ride in the forest. (Information)
  • Adders can be encountered, especially in open areas.

15.3. Media

We welcome all media representatives to cover the competitions. For media accreditation and related requests, please contact info@mtbo-wcup.lv. Accreditation should be made by July 1, 2024.
  • Weather-protected, quiet working space for media representatives will be provided in all finish arenas.
  • Accredited media representatives are given the opportunity to take part in the Model Event.
  • If desired, the organisers will assist media representatives with hotel accommodation booking.

15.4. Competition clothing

Competitors must wear the team clothing of their federation during all official events.

15.5. Insurance and liability

The organisers decline any liability that might occur through participation in MTBO World Cup and training. Everybody participates at their own risk and is responsible for their own insurance coverage (illness/accident and third party insurance).
Organisers are not responsible for theft or similar incidents. Participants are encouraged to take necessary precautions.


The final dates for registering entries, booking accommodation etc. are summarised in the table below. Please note that additional fees apply for late entries.
Entry registration(team size) May 15
Payments May 25
Booking accommodation June 10
Entry registration (names) June 30
Relay names registration July 6, 13:00